April 28, 2010

Starter Plot 1

I think my metamorphosis into Felicity Kendal is finally complete. I've got an allotment!

After months on a waiting list, and having resigned myself to the conclusion that a plot would never become available, I have been offered Starter Plot 1 at the Cambridge City Council-managed Maple Close site. Eeek!

I am both excited and a little anxious - I'm really hoping I'll be able to manage it properly, and actually successfully grow something. It's a really small site (there are two massive plots, and two other starter plots), so I'm hoping the neighbours are friendly and won't look at me with disdain as I struggle to get any green shoots - weeds aside - to come out of the ground. We've discovered a cut through from our house that reduces the journey to a whole five-minute walk, so at least I can't make the excuse that it's too far away.

At present the plot is full of weeds, but they're pretty new weeds so digging them out shouldn't be too much of a struggle. Meanwhile, I've planted tomato, courgette, aubergine and pepper seeds that will hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, be ready for planting out. Look at me and all my plans!

Of course, the real point of all this is to slowly up the pace on my Total World Domination Plan (tm) - but shh, don't tell anyone...

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