September 14, 2009

On being married and moving house

One of the most common questions I've been asked in the last month is "so what's it like being married?" - to which I always reply: "it's just the same as before, except I have a ring on my finger." And that's exactly as it should be, I think.

Simon and I tied the knot on August 8, and it already feels like a lifetime ago. We had an amazing day celebrating with all our friends and family; everyone seemed to have a good time and the whole thing just felt completely right. And the honeymoon was awesome too - the most relaxed we've both been in a long time. I wish we didn't have to come back to reality!

But here we are, and after 18 months in our lovely flat we've decided to move, because we're finally fed up with sacrificing space in order to live right in the middle of town. And I said 2009 would be the year we didn't move!

It will be a wrench to leave here - I love being right on the edge of Midsummer Common and right by the city centre - but we're also fed up of tripping over each other and everything we own. So now I'm surveying all our possessions and wondering how long it will take to pack them. We move in four weeks, so I guess I should get started...

In other news, I'm nearly finished the main body of this beautiful jumper and very excited about finishing it. I will try and get some photos and post them here soon!