August 17, 2008

Coldham's Crumble

I love food, but the kind of food I love best is the kind that comes free because it grows in public. Right now I'm digesting apple and blackberry crumble after a successful fruit-picking mission to Coldham's Common. I'm definitely planning to go back next week; there are tons of blackberries getting close to ripening.

Coldham's Crumble
Filling: take apples and blackberries picked from Coldham's Common. Core and peel the apples, wash the blackberries, mix them all together with some brown sugar.

Crumble mix: 4oz plain flour/2.5oz brown sugar/1.5oz butter. Rub the flour and butter into breadcrumbs and tip over the filling before baking at 190 degrees C for 45 minutes.


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