June 01, 2008

Guerrilla inspiration

Today Simon and I went planting on Midsummer Common - we've sown sunflower seeds that came with my copy of On Guerrilla Gardening, which was given to me by Fiona for my birthday. I'm not sure whether she was dropping a deliberate hint, given that the new flat has no outdoor space to call our own, but it's definitely inspiring me so far and I keep spotting pieces of neglected-looking land that I want to make good. I may not be the most green-fingered person in the world, but I'm seriously considering giving it a go, starting with the courtyard outside our flat, which features a strange water feature that probably cost lots of money, and some flowerbeds that are untended and looking a bit sorry for themselves. Need to figure out an action plan though - what to grow, and when to plant it - hopefully without getting noticed! I'll try and post the results here at some point...

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