October 16, 2007

¡No hablo Espanol!

I've got behind on myself again, haven't I? It seems like it was at least a month ago that I was lazing by a swimming pool and overheating in the Spanish sun. It's hard to believe I haven't even been back in the country for two weeks, although I've secretly already started plotting my next break. Maybe next time I should try for a country where I can actually speak a bit of the language, for all the use my phrase book was (note to self: being able to use a phrase you looked up earlier that day does not mean you will be able to understand the reply). Embarrassing touristy point-and-hope-for-the-best conversations aside, it was mostly just good to have the time away from Cambridge to relax with Simon and some mates, and to not have to do anything if we didn't feel like it.

It feels now like I've been back at work forever. It's depressing to be driving home in the rain watching the dark creeping up, and to be having email conversations with my friends about Christmas - and what with my weekend duty and Simon's packed-out week of shows, it feels as though we've hardly seen each other at all in the last week. In fact, I think we need a holiday...

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